• Obama takes on cybersecurity. Three ways BuySecure will help you. - President Obama is stepping up the government's cybersecurity battle with his BuySecure initiative. Here's how the move can help improve your financial safety.
  • Is Obama a modern-day Quintus Fabius Maximus? - President Obama has been repeatedly accused of delay. Critics say he dragged his feet on sending more troops to Afghanistan, on addressing the dangers in Libya, on providing support to Syria's rebels and, most recently, on initiating military action against Islamic State.
  • Obama one very successful president? - Julian Zelizer says Paul Krugman makes some good points in his defense of President Obama but is premature in calling him one of the most successful presidents.
  • Man warns Obama 'don't touch my girlfriend.' How did president handle it? - President Obama took a break from campaigning Monday to cast his vote early, only to receive ribbing from another voter to stay clear of his fiancée.
  • Man Warns Obama: 'Don't Touch My Girlfriend' - President Obama found himself in an unusual situation Monday. As he was casting his ballot early in Chicago, minding his own business behind the voting booth, a young man walked by and warned him “don’t touch my girlfriend.” The girlfriend, who was voting in the...
  • Did Obama just hand GOP a weapon to use against endangered Democrats? - President Obama on Monday handed Republicans a ready-made sound bite to use against endangered Democratic Senate candidates. Was this an avoidable gaffe?
  • President Obama said what? Four theories to explain his latest ‘gaffe.’ - Inside "these are are all folks who vote with me."
  • Obama's ISIS, Ebola "mission creep" - President Barack Obama is loading new missions on the U.S. military with fast-expanding mandates and no certain end dates as he grapples with the threats posed by ISIS and Ebola.
  • Political TV Ad Claims Obama Is Bad for African Americans - While President Obama has returned to the campaign trail to court the black vote ahead of the midterm elections, race has arisen as an issue in two key Senate races, albeit for very different reasons. A new television ad airing in Louisiana makes the case...
  • Obama pitches for votes on black radio - WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is turning to black radio listeners to plead for midterm votes, a targeted approach to drum up Democratic support at a time when many candidates don't want him around in person.

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