• Obama immigration action: Is it about people, or process? - To President Obama, the sweeping immigration overhaul he announced in a speech to the nation on Thursday night is focused on people. It’s about helping the people who pick our fruit, build our bridges, and clean our houses come out from the shadows. It’s about allowing mothers and fathers to stay with their children.
  • Obama May Have Tied the GOP’s Hands on Immigration - President Obama’s announcement last night that he would take executive action to shield some 5 million undocumented immigrants from immediate deportation provoked an angry reaction from Congressional Republicans, ...
  • Obama's immigration action addresses 'huge' uncertainty for many students - President Obama’s executive actions on immigration could go a long way toward supporting the educational aspirations of millions of students, educators and immigration-reform advocates say.
  • Obama's Immigration Order: The Right Thing in the Wrong Way - President Obama's grant of a guarantee against deportation to a large class of unauthorized immigrants is a win-lose. The executive order is a win because its substance improves on a callous policy. As many as 4.3 million humans will now find their lives meaningfully improved with no direct harm done to anyone else. And indirect costs—like inspiring others to make a very dangerous journey north ...
  • Obama signs executive action delaying deportations for millions of illegal immigrants - President Obama signed two executive actions on Friday that would delay deportation for millions of illegal immigrants. The president, who signed the controversial policies aboard Air Force One, then spoke about his action at Del Sol High School in Las Vegas.
  • Obama's overreach? Look in the mirror, Congress - President Obama claims that his decision to defer deportations for millions of immigrants is within his legal authority. The scary thing about this wide-ranging suspension of the law is that his view isn't obviously wrong.
  • Is Obama's immigration action legal? A Q&A - President Obama has announced that he will use his executive authority as president to allow nearly 5 million illegal immigrants to remain in the US without facing the threat of deportation.
  • Lawful or Awful? Scholars comment on Obama’s immigration action - President Obama’s executive orders about immigration have sparked a lively debate among constitutional scholars. Here is what 10 noted scholars have been saying about executive powers and their use to redefine immigration policies.
  • After speech, Obama launches 'aggressive sales job' on immigration action - President Obama is going to undertake a “very aggressive sales job” on the executive action he took on immigration, even while leaving the door open for a potential deal with Republicans in Congress, says his senior adviser, Dan Pfeiffer.
  • Immigration: President Obama 'Damaging Presidency' With Unilateral Action, Boehner Says - House Speaker John Boehner said that President Obama is damaging the institution of the presidency by taking unilateral action to reform the country's immigration laws, setting up another political showdown on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue as Republicans work on a strategy on how best to react to Thursday's announcement."All year long I've warned the president that by taking unilateral action ...

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