Eliminate E-Mail Spam while Generating Revenue

Have the US Post Office begin selling/issuing various classes of digital certificates that are required for use with a new, secure email system. If someone is found to use such a certificate for an unauthorized purpose then it could be revoked, and it would instantly no longer be able to send emails.

End users would then be able to block or filter emails by sender, class of email, size of email, etc.

The new “professional” email protocol would be “smarter” than the current email protocol in that, if an email did not meet the recipient’s criteria, it would never even consume Internet bandwidth (another money-saver).

The analog between this new class of email and the old standard would be similar to amateur vs. CB radio.

Revenue would be generated through sales of the digital certificates (which would have to be periodically renewed). The Postal Service would be energized with a new, modern purpose (and, since providing a person/business with a digital certificate should require verifying their identity in person, the USPS infrastructure would be critical), and emailers throughout the world would be supportive because email SPAM would have become a thing of the past.

Location: Tampa, FL


pontiac firebird ram air hood

TruFiber hoods are super lightweight and made with high quality, hand laid fiberglass. Each hood is manufactured with an OEM type skeleton underneath to ensure durability and stability.



tax emails

The government should tax emails which would generate billions. The Tax could be added on to people local internet bills…

Location: brockton, mass



No family submission of taxes.

Every Individual files personal Income Tax Returns

First 0 25,000 00%

25,000 50,000 10%

50,000 100,000 15%

100,000 250,000 25%

250,000 1,000,000 40%

1,000,000+ 50%

No Tax deductions of any kind for Housing, # of dependants, etc.

Location: Glen Allen, VA


Tax Unhealthy Foods

I think the new healthcare plan should be paid for by taxing ALL items that cause health care problems, which includes alcohol and tabacco, of course, but ALSO: soda pop, potato chips (and other assorted “junk” food), fast & fried foods such as french fries, candy, ice cream, cookies. If the government added as little as 10 cents levy on small bags of junk food and cans of soda, or as much as $5 on alcohol and tobacco, the money would be there for healthcare.

Location: Boston, MA


Sin Tax

If the government wants to raise some serious money without increasing personal tax, then they should consider a Sin Tax on booze & tobacco. These two whims are a strain on the health care system and are so out-dated. If cigarettes went from $3 to $10, people would have a serious incentive to quit. And booze is cheaper than food which is ridiculous, and leads to DUI and family abuse.

Location: Vancouver, Canada


No income = no tax

So, within a short time, no one will be making an income, EXCEPT government workers, and so THEY will be the only ones liable for the income tax. Simple math indicates that one cannot tax them at a rate sufficient to raise the revenue to PAY those same workers. Better drop the income tax and do that national sales tax….. Historical note: prior to the income tax, the United States Government ran SURPLUSSES year after year.

Location: Redding, CA



Let people use their IRA money without tax to allow them to use this money for a down payment on home or car, home repairs or what ever they need to use it for. Just for a couple of years.

Location: Alamogordo, NM


Relief for morgage holders with 401k funds.

Allow mortgage holders of 401K (tax sheltered) annuities to use these funds to reduce mortgage balances on their primary dwelling without incurring tax obligation, or with reduced tax implications.

This would greatly help many middle class families who have responsibly paid into these funds which now have diminished value. If we could draw on these funds for the specific purpose of reducing our mortages tax free or tax reduced we and the financial system would be more stable.



New Fairer Tax

I believe a Net Worth Tax is necessary for this country to survive. Those who are enjoying the most financially from this country should contribute to its health. The first two allocations of this resource should be the National Debt and Social Security.

I cannot believe all the financial advisors place the problem on the lower and middle class in one way or another. Why don’t they see that too much accumulation of a Nation’s wealth by a small group causes severe economic issues. There has to be a sufficient money supply to supply the operation of this country for small and large business’, to pay workers a living wage, even to support our corporate giants (a large number of people have to buy their products; don’t you think?) . If the great majority of Americans do not have enough money to live, who do they think is going to buy their products? Is there no limit to how much wealth of a country can be acquired by a small group of people before it collapses? I would appreciate an answer to the previous questions if someone has it. Come on; are there no intelligent, independent economist out there? The Country has been set up to long for individuals and companies to acquire the Country’s wealth. It is time for everyone, poor to wealthy, to contribute to the health of this country. I think a Net Worth Tax of 1% would be fair to all (no graduated tax; the same for everyone); poor to the rich. After all how much can 1% hurt a poor person? The poor are already dead in the water in these economic times. How about the wealthiest? They already have more than they can spend in a couple of life times. Don’t they own most of (probably almost all) of the National Debt anyway?


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