The president of the NRA suggested using Armed guards to protect out students while at school. He did not provide any details on where the funding would come for this. We are cutting budgets for education and adding armed guards would put more strain on these already tight budgets.

Why not have the military protect our school kids. Station military at our schools. They are trained to serve and protect. This is the opportunity to utilize our troops to serve and protect our homeland and bring our troops home! The salaries we pay our military would be spent at home not aboard helping improve the local economies. Less spending for travel, etc would allow some of the military spending to decrease and lower the budget.

Location: St Petersburg, Florida USA


More than A Trillion Birds With One Stone

The cuts can be made and a solution to school shootings can be accomplished by shuttng down public schools, as in the buildings, and take them online. This eliminates at least 80% of the nation’s education budget while eliminating the probability of any more such shootings happening again. This should save close to a trillion dollars over a two year period, or possibly more.

Dr. Charbonneau

Location: Anderson, Indiana USA



The High Schools are the platform where children excersize their violent outburst.

The Elementary Schools are where the Problem begins AND where it can be resolved!!!

I am a Chicago Public School product and I worked in the system for 20 years. My mother retired from Public Schools after 42 years(Clerk, Teacher, and Psychologist). In addition, I was married to a Teacher/Assistant Principle/District Superintendent.
Contact me for more of my observations. I hope this will help.

Location: Chicago, Illinois USA


Security for schools

How about panic buttons in all classrooms and offices in schools. Like the banks have. If you hear a gun shot sound press button and it would go to 911

Location: Bronx, my


Firearm Permits

I would like to suggest that if there is documented mental illness in a household that no one residing in that household be issued a firearms permit.

We need to take small steps to prevent further horrific events like Newtown. Even one weapon off the streets could save lives!

Location: Agawam MA


Re: Assault Weapon Ban

obama should immediately sign executive order banning sale of assault weapons until congress has had a chance to fully debate this issue. (This would show true leadership and stop the recent increase in sales of these weapons by people looking to acquire these weapons before they become illegal to purchase)

Location: Cheshire Connecticut


Protect Our Schools

Similar to what some of the other folks have suggested, we need a firm security policy that protects our schools. We created an organization to protect our land and the skies from potential terror attacks (Homeland Security)….and spend a lot of money doing that. Why don’t we apply similar resources for our schools. If we truly want to detour from allowing this type horrible act to happen again, I think we need to start by arming our schools. (I am not in favor of arming teachers as was recommended by another poster.)

Simply put, when class is in session, we have armed guards. This is not the shady security companies we are taking about here but a federally funded program that allows for Police officers to start guarding our schools. Lets require and help the states provide resources that ensures we have armed officers protecting our schools. This could also help us curb other issues within the schools as the increased police presence alone I believe could help kids stay on the right path. Schools are too simple of a target and if we really want to consider taking that away, then serious attention and policy changes are necessary. If we truly do not want to accept these acts as “routine”, as you put it last night, lets take a serious stand and make sure that our country’s future is truly protected. God Bless those poor children, teachers and their families….

Location: Austin, Texas


Treat Guns like every other controlled substance, (Liquor, cigarettes, Cars.

Put the 1st burden upon the owner of the weapon, mom,dad, whoever. It needs to be locked, and stored, with only parential access (one key) The parents are liable just as if they gave liquor or drugs to a minor.

Put the 2nd burden upon the NRA, they want the freedom, they need to monitor and regulate the rules and regulations to make most of these incidents not re-occur. They have the experts, have their experts participate in the solutions AND help monitor their solutions.

3rd – I am afraid that gun shows & private sales must be addressed, if a private individual sells at a gun show, or privately, the paperwork must be submitted through a licensed gun dealer.

I’m a gun owner, and think these incidents are not excusable, so unfortunately parents/gun owners MUST take ownership of THEIR weapons. I know there is no perfect solution.

Good Luck on your challenge.

Location: Lincoln NE


SAFETY for SCHOOLS December 2012

I would very much appreciate a chance work with you and your staff on job creation and safety for schools. I need only a six month appointment.

Location: Burns Harbor, Indiana


Safe,Secure,Schools Nationwide

Gun Control is an insurmountable project that would only,at best,lessen our security against threats to law abiding citizens. It’s really a very simple, common sense equation that provides the best solution now and going forward. Schools are unique in the fact that they assemble large numbers of our innocent children as well as dedicated staff to provide education. That being the case,we have the responsibility to ensure that it is a safe environment for all. The word ‘consequence’ is what allows our police officers to do their jobs as we know that they are prepared and equipped to deliver the ultimate solution to any criminal. My suggestion is to prepare our schools with the ‘consequence’.Armed Principals,Admin,selected teachers to protect all wings and alert systems tied to existing communications,gun training with local police depts.,as well as practice drills to maintain readiness.How many would be alive today in Newtown if this was installed? Cowards avoid consequences via suicide. Any armed aggressor on school grounds deserves the consequences. We cannot prevent insanity but we can limit the horrific costs to innocent victims. Educators and students deserve this level of security.

Location: Cambridge,MN

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