Security in our Schools

I’ve always been taught to use a “positive” to solve a problem,
So you end up exponentially better than you started.

We trust and love members of our armed forces, whom we
have trained to handle a firearm, size up a “situation”,and
Respond Accordingly,and Protect us as a Nation.

Wouldn’t it make sense to hire honorably discharged veterans
to protect our children,teachers,and staff–our schools–,and provide
a much needed career opportunity to the ones who were
willing to give everything for this country.

We all thank you for reading and considering this idea.

James R. Scott

Location: White House,Washington D.C. office of the President.


Gun Control

I suggest that you make sure the laws we already have are enforced.
Taking away guns from law abiding citizens will do nothing to prevent what happened in Newtown or other schools.
The mental health system needs to e changed.

Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan


Thank you

From Idaho (of all places!), a thank you to President Obama and VP Joe Biden for your statemanship and service to the American people during your first term of office. Our prayers and best wishes to both of you and your families as you face the challenges in your second term of office.

Location: Boise, Idaho


Gun control

Is it possible to have people register their guns annually similar to a car registration? This would allow law enforcement to keep track of who owns which type of gun and track it annually. If there is a registration fee if would help cover the expense of the program. Not sure if this would go against the second amendment? My other thought was also having people submit background checks periodically if they own a gun, not just at time of purchase.

Location: United states policy


Safety for Our Children in School

supply bullet proof vests to be used in an emergency situation.

Location: PHOENIX


Suggestions About Gun Safety

Hi Mr President,

My suggestions about gun safety is very simple.
1. People under age should not be allowed to have gun.
2. Parents should also be penalized or send for community service if they get caught teaching their under age children on how to handle a gun.

This simple rules is very important because under age children is not very mature at this age, so they must not be allowed to handle and used any weapon. And I hope American still remember what happen at Cleveland Elementary School when 16 year old Brenda Ann Spencer killed 2 people and injured nine others with her rifle, a gift from her father. So I really hope Mr President will consider this suggestions.

Location: New Hampshire


Gun Safety Reform

States require owners of cars to register tem, obtain an operators license, and have liability insurance for each car owned
States SHOULD require gun owners to register them, obtain a operators license , and have liability insurance for each gun owned.
There are laws to prevent the public from owning military weapons ( jets fighter, aircraft carriers, attack submarines, tanks artillary and bombs) Why aren’t assault weapons and machine guns included in those restrictions.

Location: Winchester, VA USA


Cut Deficit

cut all federal spending 2% a month till agreement is reached….it has to be across the board.on all money pay,contracts everything 2%your and congress pay,contracts already in the works,in a state of emergensy you could do it if it was equall to all… it if you have to….you are a great man,prepublicans want less goverment spending,there pay ,perks and staff being cut 2% will show they too mean buisness.good luck you are a great man…..go joe on gun control

Location: Washington, D.C


File a declaratory judgement action asserting that Congress implicitly consents to a raising of the debt limit when it passes appropriations causing the debt limit to be exceeded. No further consent is required and the debt limit can be raised by executive order enforcing the necessary result of federal law.
Chris Kane
Seattle attorney

Location: Seattle


Protecting our kids at school.

Dear Mr. President, HERE”S a SUGGESTION/IDEA to think about:
I say enable our ex-servicemen to perform as protective guardians to what America holds most dearest. ..our kids. Hire these ex-military service personnel, dressed as plain clothes agents in our schools to work as 1st Responder Federal Agents to guard our kids at school. Perhaps maybe the President could pass with of course, congressional approval to creating a NEW military branch of service that would be part of HOMELAND SECURITY consisting of JUST returning trained veterans from war or maybe even veterans currently out of work, put them in plain clothes and have them police our schools. We not only provide protection for our kids at school but allow returning veterans out of work veterans to be once again gainfully employed perhaps even with some benefits. These veterans that would act as our 1st responders until SWAT police arrive or while en-route to the scene. As far as the schools, we should setup each classroom with doors that go into lockdown whenever a breach is realized all work being done by ex-Military specialized to handle the setup. When a threat is determined, each teacher at the school that are assigned to a teaching area or space are then required to text back their code to the school’s security office to acknowledge whether their space or room is secure. If no response is made from that space or room, then it should be considered a breach and immediately investigated.
Edward Grossmann,
Retired FBI / IT Specialist
Folsom, PA

Location: Countrywide

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