It is obvious that the incident in Syria is horrible and the people there need the world support. But it appears that our allies are taking a different stand. It might be our best interest at this point to let the UN take the lead in this matter. Asking congress to make the decision is a no no. Congress has never supported anything positive that you would like them to do for the American people. So please take no action without the support of the world allies and UN only.

Location: Washington, D.C., White House


Hoping To Create More Jobs

Dear President Obama,

I understand you are doing all you can to improve and create jobs. I would like to suggest a couple ideas that might be helpful. The job sights such as,, and others should be only able to keep a specific job online for 60 days. It should be mandatory that the employers fill the position on or before the 60 day deadline. And, as soon as the position is filled, it should be removed from the list of available jobs. So many jobs are out there too long when people need to be working. The next suggestion I have is that the malls and other stand alone stores should be open 24 hrs. like Walmart is already doing. The stores would have more shifts available and they would have to higher more employees. I believe this would get a lot of people working quickly and back on their feet. It’s worth a try.

Thank You,

Anita R. Thurman

Location: Wisconsin


As I understand, one of the reasons for the civil lawsuits is that banks were giving loans to people saying they earned a certain amount but never verified the actual amount they made. Okay, so why does the government get all that lawsuit money amounting to billions of dollars. All the government would have to do is require all the banks to report the amount of the mortgages, then access the social security to find out how much that person made in the year the mortgage was taken out. If the person did not make enough to qualify for the loan, that person should be entitled to some of the lawsuit money. It is my guess that all second mortgages were falsified. The banks don’t help people refinance that have second mortgages, so if the suit money were available to them, they could get out from under their obligation. The problem with my case is that my second mortgage isn’t with one of the big banks. The little banks should still have to report the mortgage amount even though they aren’t being sued by the government. They absolutely said I earned much more that I actually did. Saying I earned $400,000 a year when I only made about $31,000 that year that I took out the loan. It’s just not fair that the real victims in the civil lawsuits gets nothing but the government walks away the winner and nobody goes to jail. I see a class action that probably no lawyer would touch.

Location: Spokane, Washington


re guns

please microchip guns and put scanners in police cars
thank you

Location: Kingston Ontario Canada


Capital Punishment

Where do I stand on capital punishment? Either we put, by national referendum, a seven-year moratorium on capital punishment as a social experiment and see what happens to
the quality of American life in that time period, or we just kill’em all who are found guilty of committing capital crimes and let God sort ’em out. They will either go to heaven or hell, or if the atheists are right, there will be nothing more upon them. Out with the old, in with the new! Either way, Jesus is coming soon to judge the living and the dead, or so I am told.

Location: Peoria, IL USA


The Public Fund for Representation.

The people have no representation in congress because we have no lobbyists and if we donate to a campaign it’s to one candidate we like or to all of them through our income tax. Our system has become one of corporate rule and nobody represents the people anymore.

I suggest a system in which one of these national committees that provide the campaign contributions for reelections is funded by the people with corporations not allowed. The biggest part of the campaign contributions would go to congressman and senators that vote with their constituents most of the time and those that don’t go to the ones that do.

It would be simple, say you had a representative that always votes the way his constituents wanted him to and then you had one that almost never did but let’s say he did 20% of the time. He would get 20% of what was earmarked for him and the guy that voted 100% of the time would get his total amount plus the other guys 80%. I figure it’s totally fair because they were sent there to represent us in the first place.

Who knows? We the people could end up with a more powerful lobby than Big Oil or the NRA and even be able to hire lobbyist like they do. Properly advertised this has the potential to end corporate rule. If we can’t change the Constitution maybe this is the next best thing.

Location: Spokane, Washington


Gun Control

Being a avid legal owner of many different types of firearms, the subject of gun control irritates me. The shootings in Newton(SP) would not have been prevented by a universal background check. Criminals do not go the routes of legal gun owners such as myself. A properly locked firearm and penalties to prevent improperly locked firearms mite have helped. If I had to be penalized for having a improperly kept gun I would make sure at all times that my guns were locked up as they always are. I am for a background check on all purchased of firearms. I have gone through 20 plus as I am a law abiding citizen.

Here is my suggestion….. Give all legal gun owners who plan on buying a firearm a yearly renewable form of a licence to own, purchase, and posses. If a private sale should take place then both the buyer and seller should have mandatory paperwork to fill and file with both parties licence information. If the governing parties do not receive both forms then a investigation will ensue and both parties will have to show proof of filing.

There is more to this suggestion as this is just a start. Please remember that this is coming from a firm grounded 2nd amendment and NRA supporter.

Michael S.

Location: New York


Be Our President / Our Greatest President

Dear Mr. President ,

I write to you today as a very Sad American. I am 57 years old and when we voted our first Black president into office my Heart felt a Joy about our country that I cannot ever remember feeling in my Life time.

Even then I realized that the culture of Hate in this country would not be totally overcome. But had no idea that so few in this country could slow down the rest of us from realizing our dreams , that many of all colors have died for , that all might have a chance to become whatever they desire with hard work and education.

I am asking you to not bend to the greed , But stand up until the war is over win or lose for the NEED of those that are used as cannon fodder for the few to remain untouched .

Thank you for your time , and I am honored to have been alive while you have led this country. Change can only be made from within and I have faith that you are the start of that change.

Location: Vancouver , Washington 98664


Electronic Health Records

Please investigate the waste and poor quality of EHRs currently being implemented around the country with federal dollars. Why not mandate the VA system Vista? It is free and excellent. This has been a giveaway to lobbyists.

As an ER physician it is clear we now waste too much $$ that should be spent on better care, not mediocre, high-maintenance EHR’s.

Thank you,

Dr. Tony Dajer

Location: Riverside, CT


Drug War

Why don’t we equip a couple of these nifty little drones with genetic herbicide (it has to exist) spray the cocoa and poppie crops and call it a day.

Location: DC

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