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We need a cell phone app that gives everyone a copy of anything to voted on, tracks how much of the document has been read, gives a small quiz on whether the article was understood, and then gives the recipiant the chance to vote on it as well, then the results would be sent to that person’s representative.

Location: Nappanee, Indiana


I will give simple and efficient suggestion to save recession: Govt. can ask 50% of wealth as debt (without interest) from all the rich CEOs, Vice Presidents and corporate big wigs. And promise them that it can pass this wealth to their heirs…if it cannot payback in their life time..

Location: San jose, CA


Mr. President, show us what you’re trying to tell us. Give us something new – technologically speaking – when you speak to us. Bullet it, graph it, chart it, throw some illustrations in there – whatever it takes to get your point across. It’s 2011 and we are at new heights in technology. How is it that the Presidential Addresses to the nation are still presented in exactly the same fashion as they’ve always been: the president behind a podium, reading a speech off a teleprompter filled with vague political rhetoric and no real meat? Not to get too “Inconvenient Truth”-esque here, but instead of standing behind a podium when you address the country to explain your Jobs Creation bill, for example, why not try a graphic presentation? Or on any of your points, for that matter! Show a map of the U.S. and the years under Republican presidencies, for example, and SHOW how historically red states make less yearly income under Republican administrations. Surely your crew in the White House can put on a spectacular presentation for any talking point, but I think even a plain old Powerpoint presentation that my 11-year old daugher can create would be better than the same old same old. Do you truly believe in your Jobs Plan? Show us! Make it understandable to the American public in the way anyone in corporate America would…use the tools of technology to bring a fresh mode of communication to the public. How do you think sales plans are pitched in the corporate world? Standing at a podium and reading a speech? Not in this day and age. If anyone can “change” up the way government communicates with us, it should be you – the president who ran an unparalleled grassroots campaign in large part via the internet. Not only will it help EVERYONE better understand your reasoning, help people put facts and figures into historical context and understanding, but you’ll also be tapping into a goldmine of a voter base: the young voter.

Location: Hartford, CT


Anti-Tea Party Campaign Tactic

Please start referring to the recently proposed four trillion dollar spending cut as a four trillion dollar job cut. Every dollar of federal spending pays someone’s wage, either directly or indirectly.

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2715 79TH AVENUE,

Location: Washington, D.C.


With all the money we spend on rebuilding outside the U.S., why not bury all the power lines in the U.S. and not have anymore outages(disaters)? We can drill and dig through anything.

Location: Sparta, NJ USA



I (as well as many legally immigrated people) am not in favor of an amnesty for illegals. Naturally born American citizens, as well as those who followed the rules and worked hard to establish a life in this country, are suffering financially because the illegals are lowering the marketability of the workers skills, filling jobs that Americans could use and inhabiting affordable housing needed desperately by citizens and legally immigrated people.

Whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony, breaking the law should NEVER be rewarded. Children born to illegals should not be granted American citizenship – that practice/law needs to be changed immediately. It may be true that conditions in the homelands of the illegals are exceptionally difficult, but we can not afford to take on this burden and we should not have to.

Our schools and other civil services suffer from the burden, and whole towns, counties, and states are nearly bankrupt from the financial implications.

We need to find ways to fix the economy and severely reduce the unemployment rates. We send children to college for undergrad and masters degrees and then find out they are only employable as bar tenders… if at all. America has to be FOR Americans FIRST.

Location: Washington DC



You need to pepper the AARP magazines and newspaper – not to mention magazines like Reader’s Digest (very popular with elderly people) – with articles about how the Democrats have historically and recently fought for services for the elderly… and what the Republican-heavy Congress is trying to do to hurt them. Really. My own 90-yr-old mother has changed over to the Republican party because various other relatives AND HER PASTOR have convinced her to. She doesn’t see that she is shooting herself in the foot and having made the change, she won’t listen to me. But she does read!

The one thing I am not seeing in the media, talk shows, and magazine articles is a defense of the Democratic party’s historical accomplishments “for people”. A catch phrase that should be reiterated at every turn is that Democrats champion people and Republicans champion large corporations. People have short memories… they need to be reminded constantly.

The true worth of a society is how it protects and cares for its children and its elderly. The Bible tells us (in MANY verses) to be generous to the widows and orphans and to donate 1/7 of our bounty to the poor. It really couldn’t hurt to start quoting the Bible… the so-called moral majority may start to think twice… and they really need to.

Location: Washington DC


I am a firm believer in the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle. One “simple” way to stimulate the economy is to lower gas prices down towards the $2 per gallon mark they were at in the 1990’s when the economy was booming. This would put more expendable cash in consumers’ pockets on a weekly basis. This would not be a one time refund that may or may not be used to make a purchase, but it would be an on-going thing. It would also help businesses by keeping fuel and transportation costs down. Consumer confidence would improve because it would feel lest stressful “trying to make ends meet” and promote the feeling that the economy is back to a better place. Lowering gas prices would be one way to focus efforts to improve the economy.

OK, I realize that it is not that simple to lower gas prices. But, let’s face it, the cost to process a barrel of oil does not increase or decrease based on the cost of oil. I am sure that, if the government worked with the oil companies, there would be a way, through tax reductions, incentives and regulation to get the price of gas and diesel down. The key will be to keep very clear, straight forward goals, namely 1) Lower gas prices to $2 per gallon 2) Provide conditions for the oil to be profitable

I hesitated to include this addition, because it is really a separate issue. But I fear that without mentioning fuel economy, critics will dismiss the idea. To continue the move to more fuel efficient vehicles, the auto companies could be engaged in a discussion. Again, the auto companies just want to make money. With the right arrangements between the auto companies and the government, the average fuel economy of new vehicles can be improved, while the auto companies are provided an opportunity to be profitable.

Location: Tampa, FL


Get Economy Back on Its Feet

start by making unemployed people get a job…letting them hv unemployment is for the birds! i own a business and no one wants to work because they hve unemployment check! i dont need job stimulas for employees i need them to want a job to work!

2nd all government jobs should take a pay cut too!
as public employees — we the people should vote on your raises and pays not in a midnight vote the the same people getting the raises! ave public employee should make a blue collared wage $50,000 yr and deducted for every missed vote.

lobbiest should be outlawed! no personal money gains
u should be there to vote for the people! not for personal gains, the system is broken and currupt! time to get things back in line like our forefathers once made this for—THE PEOPLE NOT FOR PERSONAL GAINS!

Location: Washington, D.C.

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