Immediately Prosecute Tea Party Members for Sedition Speech & Treason

I was appalled at the Tea Party’s latest defamation of President Obama suggesting his impeachment while depicting him as Hitler. Especially in a time when the US public needs all the faith in it’s leaders they can have, such mockery transcends the right to fair comment. That is blatant sedition speech. If I went to those extremes and tacked a picture of Mike Pence on his office here in Anderson, Indiana, with the Hitler moustache, I’d be arrested for sedition speech. Pence is a major instigator of government shutdown tactics. Neither he nor any of these deep conservatives have the right to hold the country for ransom. I say have ALL the Tea Party members arrested on charges of conspiracy, sedition or whatever else applies THIS VERY MORNING and see how fast that vote gets accomplished.

Location: Anderson, Indiana


shut down

I am sick of this. guess what I am a disabled person….I wish I was healthier!! but I ‘m not! I am sick of the dem vs rep bullshit!!! the worse part is that every frigin one of you are rich and don’t know what the real American goes thru!!
stop!!!! stop stop!!!
shame on you all!!!!

Location: meredith nh


I move to Impeach the House speaker. We need someone without a personal agenda.

Location: Honolulu HI


Yesterday a woman and her car were in front of the barricade in front of the White House. Surrounding her were many many clothes plain men with guns.

Is it possible that she was lost, took a wrong turn, all these men with guns approached her, she had a child in the car, and she panicked? She was so panicked and in fear of child being hurt so she fled?
I have gotten lost in DC before and I live there.

We are so worried about people with mental disorders having guns shooting people. What about the people with mental disorders acting suspicious and then they are shot dead?

This is the second such occurrence. The first was in New Hampshire, a trooper shot a fleeing car, killed the woman.

We need more attention to mental care.

Unless the point of this is to now kill people for acting suspicious.

Location: Washington DC


So here’s a plan to get Congress & the Senate to get moving and quick holding the American Public hostage.

Let’s take away a months pay for everyone of them for each day they refuse to settle their differences.

(Example: if they are out for 3 days they loose 3 months pay) then see how long it takes them to start agreeing!!!

In fact maybe we should put that on the next ballot and they will start taking care of business quickly.

Location: washington State


Light Train Travel

Incorparate the roller coaster track technology to move people and materials innercities. Pole to pole supports systems. . no eyesore steal structure. Electric magnetic drive. Computer controlled guide systems. Reduce emisions of motor car traffic. Simi-Truck traffic. Train track traffic disruptions and\or accidental deaths from traffic

Location: Texas USA


You want an answer From GOD? “JESUS”

I am the way to the Father. If you believe! Hint: I seen Obama on a picture Shaking hands with my cousin Pastor Dr Raymond Landry From Richmond Ca, And I know what and who he is looking for.

Location: Alameda,Ca


Good Job Sir

you are doing a good job. but we can not stretch out and relax in those conditions. we have to strike you can not bargain with terrorists. iran is the enemy always has been and always will be they say peace but they mean war. Russian is starving and going into the winter. they have to eat. be safe my people and don’t stay too long. say what you need to say and come home. my brothers and sisters and fellow americans

Location: birmingham , alabama


It is obvious that the incident in Syria is horrible and the people there need the world support. But it appears that our allies are taking a different stand. It might be our best interest at this point to let the UN take the lead in this matter. Asking congress to make the decision is a no no. Congress has never supported anything positive that you would like them to do for the American people. So please take no action without the support of the world allies and UN only.

Location: Washington, D.C., White House


Hoping To Create More Jobs

Dear President Obama,

I understand you are doing all you can to improve and create jobs. I would like to suggest a couple ideas that might be helpful. The job sights such as,, and others should be only able to keep a specific job online for 60 days. It should be mandatory that the employers fill the position on or before the 60 day deadline. And, as soon as the position is filled, it should be removed from the list of available jobs. So many jobs are out there too long when people need to be working. The next suggestion I have is that the malls and other stand alone stores should be open 24 hrs. like Walmart is already doing. The stores would have more shifts available and they would have to higher more employees. I believe this would get a lot of people working quickly and back on their feet. It’s worth a try.

Thank You,

Anita R. Thurman

Location: Wisconsin

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