More Presidential Emblems

I recall most past presidents who wear wind breakers or jackets or sweaters wear a Presidential emblem or patch on their clothes.

I just feel you would look more Presidential if you wore such items. I don’t like the canned military music at all events you speak at. Please use a high school or college or your own band to play music but should be military marches.

Location: Farmington, New Mexico


Follow the money of the production of this video.

Look for connection between – Carl Rove, Dick Chaney and Sheldon Adelson and RNC Super Pac’s

Recently on FOX Carl Rove issued instructions to engage in controversy

Follow the money of the production of this video. RNC Super Pac’s

Location: Culver City, CA USA


Hammer Romney as a “Flip Flopper”

Romney needs to be hammered as flip flopper for now wanting to keep parts of Obamacare. The people need to see that he’ll do anything or say anything just to get into the White House. He’s not a sincere candidate.

Location: Lexington, SC (United States)



I suggest that an Apology is in Order:

As indicated in 60 minutes by the tell all Seal Team Member, They Code named Osama Bin Laden as Geronimo, Geronimo who Peacefully traded; Iconic in American Values in defense of Homeland and Family…Who became a Fierce Warrior as a result of the Massacre of His Wife, Mother and 3 Children. Even in World War II ( the War Cry of Geronimo was adopted by AirBorne Troopers, What a slap in the Face, To those World War II Airborne ParaTroopers who appreciated a History to Die for, and for the Man, Geronimo who fought Injustice against Overwhelming odds…Ignorance and Bigotry Re-Surface..

Geronimo yell of World War II paratroopers
Geronimo yell of World War II paratrooper

Location: Alameda, Ca.


Electric Car

Can the President look into why the EV1 Electric Car was destroyed and why the government can’t help push electric cars such as the EV1 that was taken away from consumers in California that wanted to use this car

Location: USA


Exxon walk out of the 1989 spill with a meager $900,000,000.00 settlement under the Bush senior watch. Should it be explored in the Ads and by PR or the BP spill outcome numbers is not for sure yet.

Location: Pensacola FL


Commission for Smart Regulation

Task for Commission:
Simplify regulations while maintaining the original intent.
Eliminate unnecessary duplication
Reduce paperwork involve
Coordinate regulations between departments
Seek input from those most effected by the regulation.(These are the people with the practical expertise)
Seek input from the general public.

This shouldn’t be window dressing. We need to think out of the box, Maybe several University Business schools could be involved to coordinate it. A good model for getting input might be the Harvard Nurses Study group.

Location: Santa Rosa, CA


Jobs + Economic Stimulation

Suggestion on jobs creation + economic stimulus: Lower the retirement age for Social Security and increase the social security payout. For example — lowering the age to 60 and increasing the benefits would: 1 – encourage older workers to retire, creating new job opportunities for younger workers, and 2 – by increasing the social security payout you are stimulating economic growth., and 3 – Giving some security to older Americans who can make house payments, etc.

Location: New York, NY


Compare where the country was in 1933 after the 1929 crisis and where we are today after the 2008 crisis

Location: berkeley, CA


Compare where the country was in 1933 after the 1929 crisis and where we are today after the 2008 crisis

Location: berkeley, CA

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