Electric Car

Can the President look into why the EV1 Electric Car was destroyed and why the government can’t help push electric cars such as the EV1 that was taken away from consumers in California that wanted to use this car

Location: USA


Exxon walk out of the 1989 spill with a meager $900,000,000.00 settlement under the Bush senior watch. Should it be explored in the Ads and by PR or the BP spill outcome numbers is not for sure yet.

Location: Pensacola FL


Commission for Smart Regulation

Task for Commission:
Simplify regulations while maintaining the original intent.
Eliminate unnecessary duplication
Reduce paperwork involve
Coordinate regulations between departments
Seek input from those most effected by the regulation.(These are the people with the practical expertise)
Seek input from the general public.

This shouldn’t be window dressing. We need to think out of the box, Maybe several University Business schools could be involved to coordinate it. A good model for getting input might be the Harvard Nurses Study group.

Location: Santa Rosa, CA


Jobs + Economic Stimulation

Suggestion on jobs creation + economic stimulus: Lower the retirement age for Social Security and increase the social security payout. For example — lowering the age to 60 and increasing the benefits would: 1 – encourage older workers to retire, creating new job opportunities for younger workers, and 2 – by increasing the social security payout you are stimulating economic growth., and 3 – Giving some security to older Americans who can make house payments, etc.

Location: New York, NY


Compare where the country was in 1933 after the 1929 crisis and where we are today after the 2008 crisis

Location: berkeley, CA


Compare where the country was in 1933 after the 1929 crisis and where we are today after the 2008 crisis

Location: berkeley, CA


FICA Taxes

To help the lower middle class I would look at starting FICA widthdrawls at $50k and stopping them at $400K for annual incomes. This tax is a flat tax and can’t be avoided thru loop holes in the tax system.

Location: Washington, D.C.


Jobs, Economy & Healthcare

I suggest we build more High-tech Scientific Medical Research Hospitals.All Americans should have access to free medical and healthcare. I think if Canada can do it so can we. Bring more industries here and return our manufacturing jobs…clothing, shoes, and product manufacturing and high tech, auto manufacturing, airplanes etc Don’t allow our manufaturers to go overseas. Fine them if they do. We need to grow with more high tech jobs but we also need to keep what America has lost for the average worker…trade jobs. Where did our steelmills go and why did it cost more here in the USA to continue with our own resources? Where are the farmers, the bricklaying, the glass and pottery companies, the call centers, steelmill workers..how can we thrive if all our resources are sent overseas. I live in Florida and now KSC has 8,000 workers laid off and it all has a trickling down affect on our economy here in Brevard alone. And crime has increased and yet, our policeforces are renewing proposals to lay off law enforcers when we need them the most! Our schools are affected too. Since when did we as children have to provide our own school supplies or expect the teachers to pay for them? Our public schools had the supplies and resources they needed to teach back then.
We need more schools built, more shopping malls, more small businesses but this economy as it is cannot improve without enough jobs period. We need to think high tech sure, but most of all, we need our trade jobs back too..the foundation of America that once all other countries looked up to. And the elderly, where are their breaks with increased rentals and higher prices on everything. How can social security be enough without people sacrificing by eating less, spending little at the grocery stores and cutting back on their prescriptions and doctor visits. The world is not looking very good and we all need hope and change. Don’t just say it, do it. Times are tough. We do not and cannot allow ‘illegal’ immigration…it takes away what jobs there are, costs more in medical and education for our own people…I believe in “American’s First”. We have always been a compassionate nation but illegal is just that..a crime.

Location: Melbourne, FL


when the republicans ask “are you better off today than you were 4 years ago?” ask romney and gang, “how much better off are you than you were 4 years ago?”

the implication is that romney and gang have done significantly better than joe blow…and should maybe give them pause to think about the significant problems we have come through…maybe not smelling like a rose exactly yet, but on the way.

Location: pittsburgh, pa


Who wants a president that can hide money just like, or better than Bernard Madoff? Madoff didn’t have the interests of the people in mind, only himself. It’s the same as Mitt Romney. I’m not at all confident with the idea of a president who’s able to direct government funds to businesses he may own or benefit from. How would we know if he continuously presents a maze of business entities, and neglects to reveal his taxes on the sources of his multiple sources of income.
Is he funded by Madoff-like backers? He should be forced to put up, or get out of the race. We want to see the tax records. It is important because our president should be an open book, not hidden behind a maze of loopholes and shell corporations. NO WALL STREET PRESIDENTS ALLOWED.

Location: Lexington, SC (United States)

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