Dear Mr. President,

Greetings! Grace and peace to you from God our Father and Jesus Christ, the One whom God sent! My name is James Adams and I have a suggestion for you tonight: That America be declared at an official level an agnostic nation, not to be confused with one that is an atheistic nation. As you know, sir, the 1st Amendment of our Constitution goes as follows:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or
prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of
speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to
assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

I believe that the common interpretation of there being a separation of church and state inaccurate. While the Bible does teach us to not go beyond that which is written, I believe I have a more accurate reading of the first section of the 1st Amendment: Congress shall not impose, nor mandate, establish, decree or declare a state religion. I believe this is an entirely more valid reading, I say again. And even in the Bible, in the Book of Proverbs, it is written in verses 1-3 of Chapter 30:

“These sayings are the words of Agur, son of Jakeh. He spoke them as if they came from God.

He spoke them to Ithiel
and to Ucal.

2 He said, “I know less than anyone.
I don’t understand as other men do.
3 I haven’t learned wisdom.
And I don’t know the Holy One.” – Proverbs 30:1-3

Therefore, as these come straight out of the Judeo-Christian Bible, it would not, in the eyes of the Biblical LORD God, put us in sin for us to officially by your office be declared an agnostic nation. To be sure, I invoke the words of the Lord’s Prayer, handed down to us by no less than Jesus the Messiah Himself, whose Name was invoked at your last inauguration as I recall:

‘Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name,
your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread.
And forgive us our debts,
as we also have forgiven our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from the evil one.’

Therefore, I urge you to consider this thing at your earliest convenience. In the Name of Jesus Christ,

Yours Truly,

James Adams

Location: Macomb, Illinois


Have public service announcements geared to the mothers of 17-34 year olds telling them to talk to their kids stressing about the deadline and the possible fine. Telling their kids that illness is not the only reason for health care, accidents are more likely. The possiblities of car accidents, sports accidents, including skiing accidents and even gunshots wounds could happen to anyone. How would they pay for the bills ? ( It worked with my daughter !)

Location: Oregon coast


Curb Flooding and Help California’s Drought

It seems like every year I hear about the drought on the west coast and flooding on the east coast. Why can’t we build a national aqueduct to divert the flood waters to the west? The ancient Egyptians were smart enough to divert flood waters from the Nile when needed. The Roman Empire was smart enough to move water via an aqueduct to areas that needed water. We all know with the climate change, an expanding population, and contaminates in our water, potable fresh water will be a very important to us in the future. Just as the highway system brought the country together, a national aqueduct system would be just as important for each American no matter which state they live in. The aqueduct would help curb flooding and keep water flowing to California, which supplies a lot of Americans with food.
I feel the backbone of the aqueduct should connect the Mississippi River to the Colorado River. Once the backbone is complete, then the most flooded communities should then be looked at as tributary communities. There will be a lot of money saved from flood damage, there would be jobs to build and maintain the aqueduct, and most important, we will eventually need this aqueduct in the future to sustain the American standard of living.

Location: Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado


President Obama, I enjoyed your state of the state speech Tuesday. I agree with you desire to increase wages for the working poor. I am from Idaho so completely understand the challenges of getting Congress on board with this process. While your idea to raise wages for Fdereral contractors to 10:10 an hour, it will probably not make a huge impact on our economy but it is certainly a great start.
Another way to raise wages that would impact thousands of people all over the nation would be to have CMS hold states accountable for paying a living wage to people who work in the HCBS Waiver programs. Currently states must make assurances that the rates will garner enough providers to offer the waiver services but there is not component that assures that the direct care staff get paid a iving wage. Idaho is a great example. In our Developmental disability program, most services have seen a 6.6% increase in the last 20 years.Idaho just had a Waiver ammendment approved by CMS again without any consideration of what companies make and are able to pass on to our staff. If CMS began to make states pay a rate to companies providing these services that allowed the company to pass on a living wage to its employees, it would help tens of thousands of people all across the nation. The 9th Circut of the Supreme court recently ruled that wages/rates if approved by CMS are valid (Managed Pharmacy Care v Douglas U.S App;LEXIS 9TH. Circuit December 13 2012) This is complicated and would require some work but it can be done. If there is anything I can do to assit in this process do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Bill Benkula

Location: nation wide


Mr. Obama,

I have an Idea that is po tentially a two-fold solution to two separate problems here that are of international concern: global warming and international unemployment. My suggestion for you, Mr. President is this: That a unified international measure be taken against global warming through running a subglaceral, as opposed to subterranean, refrigeration system around and throughout both polar icecaps at absolute zero, Fahrenheit -468 degrees, first off. I believe that this step will, in and by itself, not only stop the shrinkage of the polar icecaps of the planet, it will also promote arctic and antarctic icecap solidification and spread of the icecaps. Also, in order to create a reversal in the trend of the warming of the globe, set, in effect, powered superwindmill-like propeller units at climatically strategic locations throughout the topography of the Arctic Circle and Antarctica, but throughout the northern and southern hemispheres both, also. I believe that this would create synthetic trade winds downward south and upward north and also the world over throughout both the Old and New Worlds alike and cause a reversal of the trend of global warming that is threatening the environment of the planet earth in the first place due to the shrinking of the polar icecaps in the first place. It would also create an international abundance of employment opportunities, some positions of employ temporary, but likely most of them permanent throughout the world. God’s grace to you in Jesus Christ our Lord, Mr. President. Amen.

Location: Peoria, IL



Mr. Obama,

Greetings! Grace, peace and protection from all harm to you From God our Father and Jesus Christ, the Resurrected Messiah and Son of God. Amen.

Sir, I am James T. Adams of 707 NE Madison Apt. C21, Peoria, IL USA 61603-3856. Mr. President I would like also to share with you the fact that I am a Christian and less than the least of those, sir. I was born-again on Anno Domini 1989, Sunday April 4th, which just happened to be Easter of that year. So, of course, come April 4th of this year, AD 2014, I am one who will have been in Christ 25 years. I also, Mr. Obama, am at present, a recipient of Social Security benefits: SSDI and SSI. I was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and with bi-polar disorder, however in late 1993, and the diagnosis has since changed, as I understand it, to my being denoted one who is , while highly functional, b-polar and schizo-affective. I see it as little more than just, figuratively speaking, a ‘bad penny’ that, as long as I conrtinue to receive SSDI and SSI benefits, will follow me around and nothing at all more, sir.

Mr. President, I know that your time is at a premium and that it is something that ought not be wasted no matter your office for the simple fact that not are you a fellow human being, there are considerations of not only the law of the land, but spiritual laws such as the law of reciprocity as well, sir. A man does reap, they say, what he does sow. Therefore, I will be as succint as possible that you not wax annoy and that you not become aggravated.

President Obama, I know that you are well aware that the Land of the United States of America is suffering economically, and its people alongside her. We are being hit very hard by a demoralizing economic woe that is, in some quarters, even debiltating. Therefore, I am conducting an experiment, President Obama, and that before God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. Sir, it is written, “To obey is better than sacrifice,” in the book of the words of the Prophet Isaiah. And contained in the words of the New Testament, it is written, “Bear one anothers burdens.” Therefore, Mr. President, this is what I am going to do. I, James Todd Adams, a citizen of the United States of America from birth, do take and bear upon myself, willingly, humbly, joyfully and filled with faith, confidence and hope, responsibilty for the entirety of the debt load, public and private, for all debts incurred by every single United States citizen, no matter born on American soil or otherwise, and every last immigrant, which is to say, every last, as the Holy Judeo-Christian Scriptures puts it, alien with in our gates, legal and illegal, before God our Father in the Name of Jesus of Nazareth in Galilee in Judea in the Israel of God Most High, the Christ and Son of God – the Messiah – Amen. In light of this, Mr. Obama, I am now legally bound and possessor of all debt to every creditor, public and/or private; financial and credit institution, whe’er public or private, and government institution and duly established likewise authiority, whe’er great or small, regardless of political orientation, situated upon American soil – personally. Amen. I now bear, to the uttermost farthing, as it were, all debt of the American people personally, at home and abroad. It is now my personal responsibility to see to it that it is altogether and 100% satisfied, even in the eyes of no less, as the Declaration of Independence calls Him, Nature’s God, Whom I believe to be in heaven and on earth to be according to traditional repute sole possessor of the Divine personal Name YHWH, the God of Moses, and of Isaac and of Jacob and that of Moses the deliverer, these ancients commended for their faith even to this very present day and hour, the LORD God Almighty. Amen. I am now the only Unbited States citizen under heaven that owes any debt of any amount, President Obama. Let the people say, “Amen.” I, too, say Amen. I am the indebted one of the United tates of America, named James Todd Adams. No one else among American citizens owes even one red cent to Anyone at all — so help me God— Amen. God is my witness and likewise sir, so is everyone who sees this suggestion. Amen. God bless you all. Send me your bills to the above mailing address — no matter the sum, no matter your walk of life, any who read this post. I have an idea, and you are official now living legally debt free and I am not. Get in touch. I believe this is legally binding in the eyes of all courts, especially that high court above all high earthly courts that is called the Courts of the LORD God Almighty. Amen. I, in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth in Galilee in Judea in the Israel of God, am accountable for your debts…from my mouth to God’s ear. Amen and amen. Consider it my belated Christmas 2013 gift to you, O America and it people. Amen. Jesus Christ is Lord. In His Name, May God bless and prosper the American economy and restore it to an overflowing economic surplus of no less than $7.5 trillion. Have a great 2014. God is love, people. Send me the bill for any legal transaction made up until 4:00 a.m. this morning CST. Amen. I receive it humbly of my own accord, voluntarily and of my own free will. Believe.

Location: Peoria, IL


Canada has a fair separation policy when they have to terminate employees for whatever reasons. This is in place to protect the tax payer/government burden to supply long term unemployment benefits. I would like to respectfully ask the administration to consider looking into Corporations employment responsibilities. I think this would help the Government control expenses and ask big corporations to share this burden to some extent.

Just a suggestion. Thank you.

Location: New York


Canada has a fair separation policy when they have to terminate employees for whatever reasons. This is in place to protect the tax payer/government burden to supply long term unemployment benefits. I would like to respectfully ask the administration to consider looking into Corporations employment responsibilities. I think this would help the Government control expenses and ask big corporations to share this burden to some extent.

Just a suggestion. Thank you.

Location: New York


Life After Prison

Dear Mr. President Obama,
Hi my name is Rudolph Beach III and I am a 27 year old man from Wichita, KS with a Criminal Background. I just got out of Federal Prison In April 2013 and I’ve been having a very hard time finding a job. Sometimes I feel like giving up like I use to, but I try harder each day submitting applications. I know that people look at me as a criminal because of the things I chose to do in my earlier years, but I went to prison for a reason to pay my dues. Being in this type of situation can cause a lot of stress and difficulties. The one thing I thought in my head while in prison was to come home after my time is up and be the best I can be for all of my surroundings. If I could go back I would change everything, but I am doing the best I can trying hard to show every last individual I am a changed young man. I moved to GRAND PRAIRIE, TX to get away from the old scenery that I was accustomed to being around. I pray every night that someday I will make it and be successful in what I like to do best. I am a family man and I work hard to keep the family together. I have a Girlfriend and 2 step-daughters that look up to me and love me to a full extent. Mr. President I’m writing you this letter to show you that I’m not just a young man who’s focused on my past. I am a young man who is focused on bettering myself to become that man I have never been before which is a man that follows all the rules and not just some. My Felonies are drug related and I only thought it was right to sell drugs because I knew the money would come fast, but I didn’t get the bigger picture until I actually was the one who had to sit down in a prison cell for 3 and 1/2 years. As I can say I’ve learned my lessons and I’m ready to be the new guy who is willing to help keep our community safe as possible for all Americans. Thank you for taking the time out to read this Mr. President and I really appreciate you. If you have any resources, that could help me please if you can give me a call at (469)410-9231 or E-mail me at

Thanks a lot and may you and your beautiful family have a great and safe Holiday!

God Bless!
Mr. Rudolph E. Beach III

Location: Grand Prairie, Tx


Programs For Felons

My suggestion is that people that are re-entering society or that are felons should be able to have a chance to get a well paying job to better themselves just like a regular person because its ridiculous how hard we try but we always get turned down and if we do get a job it doesn’t pay enough to take care of ourselves expecially ihen you have a family to feed. as americans each and every person should be equal no matter if your rich or poor. So I suggest that it be more lead way for felons and for the ones that are loosing there jobs and struggling.

Location: Grand Prairie, Tx

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