Reduce unwanted telemarketing calls

Establish a new telephone code *86. If a telemarketing call is received by someone on the “Do not call registry”, they can dial *86 to report the caller/robo caller. If a number receives ten of these, the number is blocked from making outgoing calls in the U.S. and must pay the fines due to unblock the number.

Location: California



I think that America should be turned into Panem(As seen in the Hunger Games) So that it can control population and stablize the economy.

Location: Vermillion,SD/USA



I think that America should be turned into Panem(As seen in the Hunger Games) So that it can control population and stablize the economy.

Location: Vermillion,SD/USA


Odds are very good that in a community where the police force is 80% white and the population is 80% black, there is about a 65% probabiity that a police shooting, whether right, wrong, or otherwise, will be a white officer shooting a black citizen. And in very easily half of those cases, depending on the media spin, etc, it will be seen as another white-on-black discrimination case. In reality, it is a natural progression of probabilities. The tough part is to find the proper racial proportioning to balance the situation. It’s a shame that quotas have to be set, but our highly reactive environment necessitates that it be pursued. The tough job needs to start now. I am white, but sadly I believe this is the only way. Otherwise the antipathies will continue to fester.

Location: Stow, Ohio


Dear Mr. President,

This past week a truly remarkable event transpired in the field of energy production that has gone completely unremarked in the mainstream media. This event was the independent verification of a device about the size of a ten inch piece of broom stick that over the course of 32 days produced a net energy out of 1.5 MWh, about the equivalent of burning a fifty gallon barrel of gasoline. The fuel was about 1 gram (half the weight of a penny) of a proprietary nickel powder that was not changed or added too during the test and was not completely consumed during the test.

This device, the E-Cat, is of Italian origin but being developed by an American company, Industrial Heat. Industrial Heat will almost certainly send any mass production of these devices to China and may never sell them in the US simply because they will never be allowed to.

The critics of this device and so-called “Cold Fusion” in general believe that this device must be a hoax because it’s existence violates everything that is known to date about nuclear physics. The primary criticism of the report seems to be that either the scientists doing the study were beyond incompetent or that there is a conspiracy of fantastical proportions to scam some unknown person or persons out of money.

We live in an era where availability of energy is key to economic survival. Whichever nation develops the ability to generate essentially unlimited electricity with little or no environmental impact and extremely low cost will dominate the worlds economy for the next hundred years.

Kind Regards,
Daniel Steward

Location: Fort Collins, Colorado


US Aquaduct System

In watching the news today we have flooding through the Midwest and a 3 year drought still in CA.

We have increased pollution of ground water. Soon water may become much more precious than oil.

Our sewer systems are overloaded by the smallest amounts of rainfalls

There appeared to be a need for a nation wide rainwater harvesting system.

This is a mammoth undertaking that could prevent future energy, environmental and economic issues for our country.


Location: Pennsburg PA 18073



I think it would be a good idea to stop calling out the name of “ISIS”. This is what they really thrive on, is their name in the MAIN MEDIA.
I am a VIETNAM VET and suggest you put me on the payroll for suggestions on how to take care of this kind of things….



Help Iraq NOW

Mr Obama. Have some courage. Many of us in America believe the US Must Put troops on the ground and attack Isis NOW!! Too many are dieing. Do what it takes to defeat them. PLEASE!!!

Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico


I am shocked and appalled to imagine the increase in cancer rates as herbicide use increases again, 7x!?. I pity those that benefit from increased cancer rates. I would not want to carry their burden of shame.
Where are you President Obama for whom I became a democrat and voted?
Since the prolonged public outcry does not seem to make a difference, tell me what to do to protect my family from the war on superweeds produced by GMO farming?????

Location: santa fe, NM


Dear Mr President,

I’m writing you in regards to the proliferation of consumer available remote controlled aircraft, commonly referred to as ‘drone’s’ (quite incorrectly in my humble opinion as they are manned by operators who are legally required to operate them in line of sight at all times). In recent years the price for these aircraft has drastically dropped causing them to garner more widespread public attention. recently ran an article stating that your office would be giving an executive order regarding this hobby in the near future.

I am writing to you as one of the new hobbyists in this space with my thoughts on what I believe to be the correct construct that could be applied to regulate this hobby as it has clear implications for both public privacy and safety which I feel should be addressed. To me the issue is the simplicity of operation of the aircraft that are now publicly available at a price point that is less restrictive. The ability to fly out of the box with very little training is leading to an ongoing list of instances where a user is behaving in a way that causes both safety and privacy concerns. As with most things in life this is leading a few irresponsible users to drive a negative image for something that can be used in a very positive way. To list but a few instances:

I would urge you to apply regulation that defines three major types of user in this space.

1 Beginner
Defined as someone who purchases an aircraft for the first time and wants to enjoy it in a responsible and controlled manner

Regulation recommended:
This user should be allow to operate their aircraft right out of the box in a controlled and safe environment. My suggestion is that in public parks, the privacy of your own back yard (with some form of height limitation or prior approval from your neighbor to avoid privacy concerns) anyone should be able to enjoy the use of a RC aircraft. I would urge your administration to work with the FAA to create a safe to fly/not safe to fly map of the US that outlines for users where they can fly without restriction and without the need for a license.

2 Hobbyist
Defined as someone who is looking for an output from this hobby, photography and videography are the first outputs that come to mind.

Regulation recommended:
This type of user is more likely to be driven to capture the amazing images of our great country from the air. Many of those area’s will come under protection; and rightfully so, and thus I would urge your administration to develop a training course with test and license fee to define this user. The benefit to being a license holder in my mind would be that I am now a trained user of my aircraft and should be treated as such, allowed to operate in more populous area’s of the country or in more unique area’s that also require safety and contentious piloting. The top two types of location would be urban, city locations and our natural parks. I would put a licensing fee that allows me to operate my aircraft in this manner for a certain period of time, requiring hobbyists to be retested every 3-5 years. Barrier of entry for this should be mostly focused on time taken to be trained, I would urge you to work with the FAA to develop a training course that requires advanced maneuvers and a relatively inexpensive licensing fee itself ($100-$200).

3 Commercial Use
Defined as someone looking to create an output from this hobby for commercial gain.

Regulation recommended:
This last user would be defined in a very similar manner to the second user with one slight difference, I would apply a greater license fee and have the lifetime of that license last a shorter duration. My reasoning for this third user is at the roots of what it is to be an American citizen. Those who work hard, take chances and apply themselves have the chance (not the right) to be successful in what they do. In essence you will be creating an entirely new revenue model for your citizens with this third user definition.

Mr President we have some amazing sights that should be captured and shared for everyone to see, this hobby can be turned into a new art form and a new business venture. I urge you to take the time to define this hobby with the complexity of regulation it deserves to appropriately determine and govern user need and behavior.

Please don’t let the few instances of misbehavior covered in our news sway your decision on this hobby. I strongly urge you to spend a few minutes googling the various brands and models of aircraft to understand their current capability set. Finally I also urge you to watch the output of the users, the video of the Penn state building, the islands in Thailand, the city scape of Manhattan are truly breath taking.

I humbly offer you an in person demonstration to show you what type of video output I could create of our nations beautiful capital and your home the White House. Lets put this new technology to good use and find a way to encourage the positive rather than focus on the very few negative instances and push legislation that would curtail this amazing technology.

Yours very humbly,

Lars Feely

Location: New York

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