Ukranias’s crisis solution.

Dear Mr. Obama, USA’s president, I suggest that to solve the Ukrania’s crisis and preserve the integrity of that country would be enough to extend also to Russia the invite made to Ukrania by European Union.

Every historic event, mainly the war, till today had always behind it some economic cause. Well, today wars are not more solutions, since the militar arsenals became them unviables. also economically. Wars today have no more winners, only losers. The European Union tries for the first time to solve economic diferences between diverse countries and peoples through an union instead of a war. So even Russia’s economy is not a great economy, it is much better than, for instance, Greek’s economy, which participates from this union. European Union is actually an great effort by the Peace and deserves total backing of every world country.

I am from Brazil, Mr. Obama, sorry by my English, I know that it is improved. I never lived on a English country, my English was learned only in schools in Brazil.

Sincerely yours,
Renato Neubert de Souza (
Phone +55 12 3027-6543

Location: (São Paulo, Brazil)


The brutal war games

Imagine a world where you didn’t have to kill countless people for the sake of some oil. Imagine a world where both parties that seek to fight over the oil would gather their best soldiers and fight the must brutal of arena games in the audience of their leaders with equal wagers. All world leaders must respect the rules of this deadly game and to the victor always goes the spoils. If a team should refuse to lose at all costs it is permitted to use deadly force. Not only could countries battle 1 team vs 1 team. There could be wagers of massive quantities of goods like precious metals and technology, and all countries that wager something of enough value could win everything on the table. Of course it is permitted for teams to take sides with other teams, perhaps allied countries, and share the loot but the terms must be spoken of and agreed to after all wagers are placed. 1 team consists of 5 fighters skilled in their various arts. If 2 countries team up then all teams must meet their amount of participants either by teaming up with another country or adding in a secondary team.
Bullets are rubber so they will hurt a lot but they probably won’t kill you. Though that sniper bullet may go through some skin. Rubber slugs will also hurt a lot. Grenades are primarily concussion grenades. If you pretend to be dead, you are counted out of the battle and firing any rounds after that will get your team eliminated. When the guns go down and the fists and face beaters start swinging that’s when the fun starts. Give them any number of melee weapons to knock each other unconscious with and let them run each other over with cars, slow moving cars with rubber bumpers.

When you replace war with a game, world peace is sure to follow suit.

Location: Buras Louisiana USA


Supertax luxury goods for american debt relief

Put massive 50% taxes on goods like playstations, tvs, plane tickets even… 75% on first class tickets. The billionaires shouldn’t mind throwing in an extra penny and I’m sure it wouldn’t kill the kids to play basketball for a couple more months instead of playing the latest game system. Even tax some various luxury foods.
Reduce the tax for people with disabilities, people on welfare, and people with food stamps. Also reduce all supertaxes for people native to America.

Location: Buras, Louisiana, USA


Legalize weed and supertax it

Think about this, marijuana is basically going to be legal in a few years anyway so you need to act fast. It will be dirt cheap so nobody will notice the government taking a massive extra 50% for tax purposes in recreational marijuana sales. Maybe a 25% for medical marijuana sales. Also throw in a big tax for people buying from growers to stock their stores.
If you tax it fast people will not even notice. If you wait too long then pushing the supertax will cause trouble.
Use the profits to reduce America’s debt greatly.

Location: Buras, louisiana, USA


Better Goverment

Not enough people participate in the election process. The rich flood the poles while the working cannot afford to go to the polls
due to work or illness.

I propose that the government give each voter a 100 dollar voucher that is only useful to pay income tax. This is peanuts as far as the rich is concerned, but needed to compensate the poor. And no value if you don’t pay taxes. Pluss the IRS can scan and limit invalid vouchers.

Location: Oklahoma 74464


Over the past several years I’ve been diagnosed with four autoimmune conditions:
Type 1 Diabetes
Addison’s disease
B12 deficiency from atrophic gastritis
These are all permanent conditions that require prescription medication on a regular basis. The problem I want addressed is not with the prescription refill process (though it could use some tuning), but with the prescription RENEWAL process. All of the medications, from insulin to injectable vitamin B12 expire after about a year and have to be re-issued by a prescribing doctor. Usually the process takes a work day or two, so if you run out of insulin on a Friday and realize your prescription expired a week ago, you’re in serious trouble. Something similar happens when you cross state lines. Pharmacies only allow you to transfer about one refill of medication across state lines in my experience, which forces you to call for a new prescription yet again in your new location. I go to college out of state, and I split my time across three states throughout the year. I understand the need for prescriptions to expire in the case of controlled substances, and temporary illness conditions, but it’s a huge problem for those of us that will be taking the same medication for the rest of our lives.

1. Alter the rules for prescriptions tied to a chronic condition so that they can remain valid indefinitely. I understand that this would not work for controlled substances, and there would have to be some authority with the ability to cancel prescriptions so that insurance coverage isn’t abused.
2. Fix the rules regarding travel from state to state. I’m sure there’s a reason why the issue was created in the first place, but I’m also sure that it can be solved.

Location: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York


An Infrustructure Cure

Create a draft for all Americans under 21 who are not in school full time or employed full time and create an “Infrustructure Corp” to work on road, bridges, cleaning up America, etc. This will get our kids off the streets and create jobs to train and administer the Infrustructure Corp. It can also be a solution to our decaying infrustructure.

Location: Phoenix, AZ


Reduce unwanted telemarketing calls

Establish a new telephone code *86. If a telemarketing call is received by someone on the “Do not call registry”, they can dial *86 to report the caller/robo caller. If a number receives ten of these, the number is blocked from making outgoing calls in the U.S. and must pay the fines due to unblock the number.

Location: California



I think that America should be turned into Panem(As seen in the Hunger Games) So that it can control population and stablize the economy.

Location: Vermillion,SD/USA


Odds are very good that in a community where the police force is 80% white and the population is 80% black, there is about a 65% probabiity that a police shooting, whether right, wrong, or otherwise, will be a white officer shooting a black citizen. And in very easily half of those cases, depending on the media spin, etc, it will be seen as another white-on-black discrimination case. In reality, it is a natural progression of probabilities. The tough part is to find the proper racial proportioning to balance the situation. It’s a shame that quotas have to be set, but our highly reactive environment necessitates that it be pursued. The tough job needs to start now. I am white, but sadly I believe this is the only way. Otherwise the antipathies will continue to fester.

Location: Stow, Ohio

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