Better Goverment

Not enough people participate in the election process. The rich flood the poles while the working cannot afford to go to the polls
due to work or illness.

I propose that the government give each voter a 100 dollar voucher that is only useful to pay income tax. This is peanuts as far as the rich is concerned, but needed to compensate the poor. And no value if you don’t pay taxes. Pluss the IRS can scan and limit invalid vouchers.

Location: Oklahoma 74464


Over the past several years I’ve been diagnosed with four autoimmune conditions:
Type 1 Diabetes
Addison’s disease
B12 deficiency from atrophic gastritis
These are all permanent conditions that require prescription medication on a regular basis. The problem I want addressed is not with the prescription refill process (though it could use some tuning), but with the prescription RENEWAL process. All of the medications, from insulin to injectable vitamin B12 expire after about a year and have to be re-issued by a prescribing doctor. Usually the process takes a work day or two, so if you run out of insulin on a Friday and realize your prescription expired a week ago, you’re in serious trouble. Something similar happens when you cross state lines. Pharmacies only allow you to transfer about one refill of medication across state lines in my experience, which forces you to call for a new prescription yet again in your new location. I go to college out of state, and I split my time across three states throughout the year. I understand the need for prescriptions to expire in the case of controlled substances, and temporary illness conditions, but it’s a huge problem for those of us that will be taking the same medication for the rest of our lives.

1. Alter the rules for prescriptions tied to a chronic condition so that they can remain valid indefinitely. I understand that this would not work for controlled substances, and there would have to be some authority with the ability to cancel prescriptions so that insurance coverage isn’t abused.
2. Fix the rules regarding travel from state to state. I’m sure there’s a reason why the issue was created in the first place, but I’m also sure that it can be solved.

Location: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York


An Infrustructure Cure

Create a draft for all Americans under 21 who are not in school full time or employed full time and create an “Infrustructure Corp” to work on road, bridges, cleaning up America, etc. This will get our kids off the streets and create jobs to train and administer the Infrustructure Corp. It can also be a solution to our decaying infrustructure.

Location: Phoenix, AZ


Reduce unwanted telemarketing calls

Establish a new telephone code *86. If a telemarketing call is received by someone on the “Do not call registry”, they can dial *86 to report the caller/robo caller. If a number receives ten of these, the number is blocked from making outgoing calls in the U.S. and must pay the fines due to unblock the number.

Location: California



I think that America should be turned into Panem(As seen in the Hunger Games) So that it can control population and stablize the economy.

Location: Vermillion,SD/USA



I think that America should be turned into Panem(As seen in the Hunger Games) So that it can control population and stablize the economy.

Location: Vermillion,SD/USA


Odds are very good that in a community where the police force is 80% white and the population is 80% black, there is about a 65% probabiity that a police shooting, whether right, wrong, or otherwise, will be a white officer shooting a black citizen. And in very easily half of those cases, depending on the media spin, etc, it will be seen as another white-on-black discrimination case. In reality, it is a natural progression of probabilities. The tough part is to find the proper racial proportioning to balance the situation. It’s a shame that quotas have to be set, but our highly reactive environment necessitates that it be pursued. The tough job needs to start now. I am white, but sadly I believe this is the only way. Otherwise the antipathies will continue to fester.

Location: Stow, Ohio


Dear Mr. President,

This past week a truly remarkable event transpired in the field of energy production that has gone completely unremarked in the mainstream media. This event was the independent verification of a device about the size of a ten inch piece of broom stick that over the course of 32 days produced a net energy out of 1.5 MWh, about the equivalent of burning a fifty gallon barrel of gasoline. The fuel was about 1 gram (half the weight of a penny) of a proprietary nickel powder that was not changed or added too during the test and was not completely consumed during the test.

This device, the E-Cat, is of Italian origin but being developed by an American company, Industrial Heat. Industrial Heat will almost certainly send any mass production of these devices to China and may never sell them in the US simply because they will never be allowed to.

The critics of this device and so-called “Cold Fusion” in general believe that this device must be a hoax because it’s existence violates everything that is known to date about nuclear physics. The primary criticism of the report seems to be that either the scientists doing the study were beyond incompetent or that there is a conspiracy of fantastical proportions to scam some unknown person or persons out of money.

We live in an era where availability of energy is key to economic survival. Whichever nation develops the ability to generate essentially unlimited electricity with little or no environmental impact and extremely low cost will dominate the worlds economy for the next hundred years.

Kind Regards,
Daniel Steward

Location: Fort Collins, Colorado


US Aquaduct System

In watching the news today we have flooding through the Midwest and a 3 year drought still in CA.

We have increased pollution of ground water. Soon water may become much more precious than oil.

Our sewer systems are overloaded by the smallest amounts of rainfalls

There appeared to be a need for a nation wide rainwater harvesting system.

This is a mammoth undertaking that could prevent future energy, environmental and economic issues for our country.


Location: Pennsburg PA 18073



I think it would be a good idea to stop calling out the name of “ISIS”. This is what they really thrive on, is their name in the MAIN MEDIA.
I am a VIETNAM VET and suggest you put me on the payroll for suggestions on how to take care of this kind of things….


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